Curriculum Intent

The school mission statement is: ‘To inspire and empower children in a supportive and inclusive environment creating self-belief, independence and respect.’ This is reflected in our curriculum intent.

Children in Early Years follow the Development Matters Curriculum working towards the Early Learning Goals.  At the end of Reception, children are assessed using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.  In order for the school to gain a full and accurate picture of the children we encourage parents to share their knowledge of their child.  Children learn with enjoyment and challenge, both within the indoor and outdoor learning environment.  The Foundation Stage prepares children for learning in Key Stage 1 and begins to make links with the National Curriculum.

For children in Years 1 – 6 we implement the National Curriculum Programmes of Study in both core and foundation subjects.  The curriculum for all year groups is co-constructed with the children to ensure that their personal interests, wellbeing and backgrounds are reflected and developed.  Curriculum maps are designed for each term to reflect the transition sessions spent with the children.

Our curriculum intent, here at Bredbury Green, is to guide children to be confident, resilient and responsible citizens. They will have an informed understanding of themselves (physically, mentally and emotionally) as well as a tolerance and appreciation for others. We are ambitious for our children and want them to have many inspiring and inclusive opportunities.

(Curriculum visioning by the six curriculum staff teams, October 2019)

We all want our curriculum to have the maximum impact on our childrens’ lives. We have considered the composite skills needed in each subject and how the children can acquire these during their time at Bredbury Green. This is done in the careful design of component tasks in each subject discipline firstly led by the children’s interests and then moulded by the teachers to ensure National Curriculum requirements are met. It is important that the knowledge and skills become embedded in the long-term memory of learners’. We believe lessons should not be a series of one-off unconnected experiences but rather a logical journey which prepares our children to be lifelong learners in the future.

For further information regarding the school’s approach to teaching the curriculum, please contact Ellis Cuttress, Deputy Head Teacher. 

SEN or Disadvantaged Pupils

Our curriculum intent applies to all children including disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs. It is important to us that we have a thorough knowledge of their context as well as a current working knowledge of the world in which they live. Our school processes e.g. pupil profiles, transition arrangements etc. ensure we have a thorough understanding of every pupils’ needs and that this information is shared from year to year.

To view the Equality Act and Schools 2010 policy, please click here

Curriculum Team Visioning

In their curriculum teams staff collaborated to create their own vision for their subjects:

English, Communication and Languages

At Bredbury Green we believe that English is the foundation for all learning. We are determined to provide all children with an engaging, powerful English curriculum that will promote a lifelong interest and love of the language. This is key to their understanding and enjoyment of the wider curriculum and the world around them.

Our aim is to inspire a passion for reading a range of powerful literature, develop confidence in expressing ideas and thoughts, and the ability to write cohesively and accurately in a variety of styles with technical knowledge of the English language supporting them.

Mathematical Understanding

Our aim is for children to leave Bredbury Green as confident and resilient mathematicians who will be enthusiastic problem solvers and use their knowledge and skills as part of their everyday life. 

Scientific and Technological Understanding

At Bredbury Green we will develop children’s understanding of the world around them through explanation, hands on experience and discovery. Science and technology will fuel children’s curiosity, encourage problem solving, which in turn will promote resilience and adaptability. These subjects will allow children to become confident learners’, continually building on prior knowledge to equip them for a constantly changing world.

Physical Development Health and Wellbeing

Our aim is to ensure every pupil at Bredbury Green has the opportunity to actively work together to educate and encourage pupils to build resilience and understanding in their own physical, mental and emotional well-being. Pupils are encouraged to build and develop positive relationships with adults and peers, reducing stigma in and across communities, building tolerance and appreciation of difference.

Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding

Children at Bredbury Green will become responsible, respectful and proud global citizens inspired to impact the world at a local, national and global level. They will have meaningful real-world experiences and a deep understanding of different cultures, historical events and human and physical trends to structure their world view. This will encourage children to develop an informed and unique understanding of the world around them.

Understanding the Arts

Our vision is for all pupils to be engaged in inspiring and inclusive opportunities. Thereby, giving individuals the confidence and skills needed to express themselves through art, music, dance and drama. They will explore their ideas, record their experiences and produce a range of creative outcomes. Through the teaching of each subject, children will develop an appreciation and understanding of how the arts, design and reflect history, culture and the world we live in.



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