Our Curriculum Intent 

The curriculum at Bredbury Green has been designed with the school vision at its core: to inspire and empower all of our learners. With this in mind, the enriched curriculum reflects not only the National Curriculum but areas that we believe fit the school’s context and ambition for the children. Notably, personal development is an essential facet of our teaching and learning. We actively endeavour to ensure that the curriculum is exceptional, meeting the academic and personal requirements of every child, and is delivered to accommodate these varying needs.

The curriculum promotes connectivity at Bredbury Green and is underpinned by six connected concepts; these concepts act as a foundation for all of our teaching and learning and provide the children with an opportunity to link and conceptualise their thinking over long periods of time. Developed by staff across the Education Learning Trust, they encourage children to be curious, revisit learning, develop a great depth of understanding and consider how our history (and their place within it) continues to shape our futures. The connected concepts ensure that our children are able to know more, remember more and make meaningful connections between their current and prior knowledge across subject disciplines. From EYFS to Year 6, the connected concepts are revisited, enabling the children to recall and articulate prior knowledge and build upon it in the next academic year and beyond. Every staff member has been involved in mapping curriculum content; we have successfully designed a sequential curriculum model so that all staff know precisely what our children should be learning, and have already learnt, at each stage of their education. Our coherently designed curriculum is also regularly assessed and reviewed to ensure prior learning, important vocabulary and appropriate skills and knowledge can be built upon and developed further.

The Connected Concepts:




At Bredbury Green, we believe that our children should have a voice in the development of their curriculum. As such, children are told what they will be learning next academic year during transition sessions in the summer term with their new teacher. Within these sessions, children ask questions about stimuli provided by their teachers; in turn, their teachers then ensure that the children’s questions are answered within their teaching that year. The stimuli provided have clear links to learning and our intent is that the content of their box builds cultural capital and important knowledge. As well as content set out in the National Curriculum, the stimuli provided also act as a foundation for children to discuss wider world issues such as the rights of refugees, racism and inequality. In developing their knowledge about these subjects, children at Bredbury Green learn to become compassionate, develop self-worth and respect inclusion.

The impact of our practice is measured in a variety of ways through both internal and external monitoring processes. We work closely with other schools in the Education Learning Trust and beyond to share good practice and use these experiences to improve our own self-evaluation processes in school. We know our approaches are successful in preparing children in the next stages of their learning journey as most reach, or exceed, national expectations. At the end of Key Stage Two, national tests show our children achieve broadly in line with other pupils of a similar age. In many areas, pupils at Bredbury Green exceed these benchmarks.

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