Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding Intent


Our intent within Historical, Geographical and Social understanding is to empower children to become responsible, compassionate and proud global citizens. Our children will be inspired to impact the world at a local, national and global level. We deliver meaningful, real-world experiences, providing a deeper understanding of varying cultures, historical events and human and physical trends to help structure their worldview. We enable children to develop an informed and unique understanding of the world around them.

Within History, children will develop a clear understanding of chronology and further develop their awareness of various other civilisations and their impact on our society. Children will study a diverse range of significant people and events whilst developing their understanding of how society has evolved and continues to evolve, alongside their place within society.


Geography will enable children to have a broader understanding of the world and their place within it. Children will study their local area and make comparisons to non-European countries. We have the ambition to increase their interest and knowledge in other places and cultures around the world and aim to inspire our children to broaden their horizons, understanding and appreciating the connectivity of the world as a whole.

Within RE, we provide children with an accurate understanding of the main religious and spiritual traditions around the leading 6 religions. We want children at Bredbury Green to develop a curiosity around different cultures and hope to inspire children to reflect on their own beliefs, values and experiences, in order to develop a positive attitude and appreciation for all within society - past and present.

History, Geography and Social Understanding Curriculum Rationale

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