Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intention- An overview

At Bredbury Green Primary School we are intent on providing an education for our children that: equips them for the future; empowers them to think critically; develops resilience; encourages independence and promotes creativity in thought and problem solving.  The learning at Bredbury Green Primary School broadly follows the National Curriculum with emphasis on high expectations, engagement and independence as well as mastery of the most useful and important skills and knowledge.  To this end we have embedded research driven strategies into our pedagogies, ensuring that our methods are as efficient and as effective as possible; streamlining programmes of study, rethinking the purpose of the objectives taught; deepening authentic learning and designing opportunities for maximum investment in their own development by the children.

Research Informed

To shape our curriculum and the teaching within and across lessons we have drawn on the research of John Sweller et al in relation to Cognitive Load Theory and Robert and Elizabeth Bjork’s research into learning and memory (in particular their findings on the difference between performance and learning, spaced and interleaved study and the Testing Effect.)  This has enabled us to begin developing a spaced curriculum in the core subjects of Maths and English which includes elements of interleaving and low stakes testing. 

We look outwardly at the work of other individuals, schools and institutions who are also exploring these and other ideas and we gain from their knowledge and expertise: Dylan Wiliam and Daisy Christadoulou and their work around assessment and feedback; Daniel Willingham and his work around cognitive research into practice; Michaela Community School in Brent and their use of knowledge organisers and self-quizzing as a learning tool; Pareto and his work around cause and effect in workload; Dorothy Heathcote and her work around the continuum of engagement as well as the Buck Institute of Education and School 21 in London and their work on Project Based Learning.

Pupil Voice

Whilst we maintain a firm grasp over the skills and knowledge that we want the children to attain during their time in Bredbury Green, we work hard to allow pupils to have a voice throughout our approach to Project Based Learning.  Pupils are expected to suggest possible pathways through to solving a particular problem posed by a commission and identify gaps in their own knowledge which will help them to invest in learning.  We strive to make our curriculum and projects relevant to the lives of the children and the community of Bredbury Green whilst opening their eyes to the wider world and the opportunities that lie in wait for them.  We also seek to involve the local community in our projects by drawing on local issues, visiting local places of interest, offering services to local residents and asking for expert advice from local people.

For further information regarding the school’s approach to teaching the curriculum, please contact the school office, by email at admin@bgps.org.uk

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